Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thrifty Fun: Memory Match Game

This seems to be the Summer of the,"Upcycle". I love the idea of taking something you already have and making it new. Usually,I apply this idea to the house. What if we applied the idea to educational materials? We could save money and find new ways of engaging our students.

For example, check out this vintage match game I found.

We play games with rules all the time...but sometimes you have to change things up a bit. Instead of playing on the floor,I added these small magnets.They came on a roll.

I put them on the side of my desk.

However, you could even put them on a cookie sheet or the fridge.

By the way, match games help students develop math and science skills.Thrifty learning!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fun With Ice

I saw this done on Pinterest. I thought it was a great way to facilitate problem solving. I had a blast seeing my son do this. He even included me! #ShoutOutToCoOperation

What to do...

I took small toys and froze them in a plastic container. I added a little food coloring as well.

Next, I set out various tools. It was so funny to see his little face.He started trying to figure it out right away. I set out warm water,spoons,and toys from the woodworking area.

Look at my baby!

Eventually...I suggested that he use his safety glasses. #FlyingIce

Free at last!

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