Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Out of Order: Fun With Numbers

I don't have much time, but I must share this with you. It is a great activity, that combines numeracy and hands on learning. The best part is that you could make it , right now.
Materials: Tongue Depressors, Markers and Paper.

I started out buy writing number words and numbers, I tried to make them different really does not matter.

Then, on the back I made a self check system. This is to scaffold independent work.

I thought it would also be cool to add a recording sheet. The children would have to write the number word or draw the picture.

Finally, I put it all together. Five Minutes...tops.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

An Abc Sensory Tub

  I  was literally cleaning, when this activity came to me.
It is a reminder that we can make great learning experiences with what we have around us.

 What do you have that is just laying around the house?
How could you use those things to trick the kids into learning?

For this activity I used bears and letters. I found a container, but you can use a bowl. I chose to use the center to promote letter awareness...but this could go so many ways.

As an extension, I laid out white boards and dry erase markers. The students would say the letters  and write them.  After I set this center was set out, I went to the dollar store and added tiny tongs for pincer grasp and fine motor development.

   Need other ideas? Check out these sensory tubs:

                                                              - Plastic bottle tops with letters/numbers written on them.
                                                              - Beans,  and Scrabble Tiles
                                                              - Magnetic Letters, Cups and Noodles