Friday, February 19, 2010

More Fun With Snow

Looking out our window, the snow is melting fast.
Better bring some in to play with, it may be the last

My tot has an infactuation with "things that go".
I am always on a mission to link his interests with learning.
That is how today’s idea came to be.
We brought snow in from outside,and added chunky cars.
I put the snow on large, shallow tote lid.

He used a shovel to bury and find the cars.
We pretended the cars had trouble driving in the snow and the rescue vehicles had to come and help.

After playing, we incorporated books about snow and cars.

-Leave the snow out during naptime, observe the changes afterwards.


  1. You are awesome! You truly inspire me!

  2. Every year I have boys who will not do ANYTHING without vehicles connected to them. That's why they turn up in the doll houses, the painting table, the sensory table . . . Everywhere!

    In my 2's class last year, there was a particularly large group of car players. They would spend their entire days walking around with a Hot Wheel clutched in each fist. They would eat their snacks with cars in their hands, never putting them down. Thankfully, they're 3 now and they obsession/passion is slightly more under control, although now they're all deeply into digging and making mud!

  3. What a brilliant post, thanks for sharing this it was helpful.


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