Thursday, January 21, 2010

Children Love Post-It Notes. Post-It Notes, Who Knew?

My son and I went to the store last night. Out of all the things in the world that he could ask for, he wanted Post-It notes. Did I mention the fact that he is two? “How does he even know what a Post-It is?”, I thought. Then, I remembered seeing him play with them at my mother’s house over Christmas Break.

A good friend that I did my student teaching with always said that her students loved Post-It notes.

“They act as if they have received a million dollars when they get a Post-It Note from me”, she said.

I was not sure why my son wanted them. But, I knew that it was a great chance to integrate learning into his interests.

I put out chunky crayons/ markers and let him explore those materials (Fine Motor: Pre-Writing Skills). He used the Post-It(s) as stickers. They were just the right size for his tiny fingers!

Look at him go!

*Extended Learning: Put writing utensils and Post-It Notes in your Dramatic Play Area to facilitate Literacy Skills.

Post-It Notes, Who Knew?

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