Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Now I Know My Abc's

As you know, I have a little boy. He is super smart. However, at times it is a struggle to make learning fun. I will do anything to reach him where he is at. I think of my students in the same way.
Word Work Without Tears 

As I was leaving school, I was thinking of ways that I could help children with letter identification. I started with a plastic container, you could totally use an old water bottle.
Next, I searched for randomness. I found beans, glitter, beads, buttons and feathers.
For the letters, you could use paper, letter tiles or random beads.
Shake the container and hot glue the top on.
The container can be set out and the children can sit down and search for letters.
You may want to pair the container with paper or note cards. Students can write the letters down.
You can also try: using numbers or  sight words in the jar.


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